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Building Our Community Through Robotics

Leadership, creativity, design, innovation, and teamwork are all core values the Trial and Terror team aims to teach their members. We're not just building robots, we're preparing our team for a future in STEAM

(science, technology, engineering, art, and math)

About us

We are Trial and Terror, a robotics team from Calvary Christian Academy in Philadelphia, PA! We participate in the annual First Tech Challenge (FTC), a worldwide robotics competition where teams are asked to build a robot for a different challenge each year. We're pitted against other teams in our area in hopes of making it all the way to the worlds competition!

Our team consists of students from the 7th-12th grades who all share a love for our team and the STEAM field!

We go through many trials testing our robot . Although the results are sometimes filled with terror, we always get back up and improved our robot to the very best it can be! 

Join us!

Interested in helping us in our mission to spread knowledge of STEAM?

(science, technology, engineering, art and math)

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